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RAW MATERIALS         [化工原料]

INKS                                       [墨水]

PAINT MATRIX                  [油彩類]


GLUES                               [膠水類]

CRAYON WAX                      [蠟類]

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Our Services[服務提供]

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Our Services [服務提供]

"A commitment to Quality and continuous R&D"

To stay ahead of our competitors and to provide uncompromising quality, we have a highly equipped laboratory, well trained technical staffs in charge of the R&D, testing and Technical sales services departments.

Not only in supplying raw materials, we are committed to help our valued customers in developing new products in toys, stationeries, inks, candles, arts & crafts industries. If you have any technical problem in manufacturing new products, just give us a call or send an email. Our technical person will be very happy to help you.


       为了永远走在最前头及提供优质产品和服务, 我们不但配备了设备完善的实验室, 还有一专业的技术人员负责发展新产品,我们不但提供化工原材料, 我们亦会为玩具, 文仪用品, 墨水, 蜡蠋, 美术用品等等行业的客户设计发展新产品. 如果您有任何技术问题, 欢迎致电我们, 我们的技术人员会很乐意为您解答.
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