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Artist Chemicals Industrial Company was founded in 1990 and was incorporated into the present company in 1998, as Artist Chemicals Industrial Limited. ACI has emerged as a prime wholesaler of chemicals and contract manufacturer for the Toy & Stationery, Ink, Art & Craft, Candle, Cosmetic industries.

ACI is strengthening its presence in the world market by associating with organizations, which have shared ideas and aspirations. Along with pursuing technological excellence, it is ACI's philosophy to never compromise on quality. The company has a state-of-the-art laboratory with highly qualified and experienced chemists. As a result, ACI maintains strict quality checks for all its products and ensures that the products meet the specific requirements of different customers.

All of ACI's products are safe for children and conformed to EN71, ASTM D-4236, etc. The company thus ensures that its products meet the legislative requirements of the countries they will be used.

We have put together this site with an easy to use interface and will continue to improve your online experience, if you have any feedback you would like to give us on the site or have any questions whatsoever feel free to email us


       宝柏化工香港公司于一九九零年創立,并于一九九八年正式成立為有限公司。 我們的業務包括銷售化工原材料, 此外亦為墨水水彩、化工玩具、文教用品、 蜡蠋和化妆品等公司生產半制成品或制成品。

       我司為了提高競争能力, 一直与許多环球公司合作, 務使產品能够达至价廉及优质穩定。 我司不但擁有設備完善的实驗工作室, 还聘請了一批資深的技术人員, 共同發展新產品。 每件運送給客户的產品都经过严格的測試, 務求滿足不同要求的客户。

       我們所有產品皆合符EN71、 ASTM D-4236 等安全規格, 可放心給儿童使用。 所以, 我們所有出口的產品皆能合符当地国家的入口要求。

       我們特意建立此网站, 好讓更多新客户对我們有一些初部了解,如閣下对我司有甚么疑問, 欢迎致電或電郵到 我們会很樂意為您解答!

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